October 5, 2018

Internet Marketing Local Maps Tips and Tricks

Local Maps Marketing

Tip’s about your listing:

Your website must have a page dedicated to your NAP/NAPU. If you have more then one store / shop then you need a page made for each one. Then you need to point the Google My Business listing to the page dedicated to the N.A.P..

Any and all information submitted MUST be the exact same on all public websites.

Your organic marketing is quickly becoming the 3rd most important marketing you need to do, the maps right now is the #1.

If you work from your home then you should never use your home address for the simple reason it is not safe to publicly list your home for any crazy to find. Find a local commercial building that offers mail box services. Stay 100% clear of any mail box only stores and mail box services that use the word Virtual in the websites advertising (check the website title), google the company to see if the word Virtual is used. Check your current business postal address see what Google has to say about it. Why not check your current address right now, what do you see? Common since should tell you if what you see is ok, good, or perfect. This is your business, your name, your reputation and your investment.

About your NAP:

On the previous page I stated to ask your marketing company to provide the sites they have listed your company on to help you rank on the local maps. I am 100% serious about that. They work for you and should provide you all the accounts they have setup in your company’s NAP. If you think they are doing a great job or not you want to get this information from them, it is yours to own. You want to have all the accounts made for your company online brand and reputation . If they can not produce a list I would wonder why and I would wonder if they are looking out for your company’s best interest’s.

NAP Means Company Name, Company Postal Address and Company Phone Number. Really I think it should be called NAPU!  The U stands for URL. IMJ Local Maps Marketing Tool has 2 to 3 times more places to submit your company then any other company we have check out. This truly is the #1 thing you need to be working on when it comes being found in the Google!.

Since I am talking about your business NAPU I want to make some thing clear, I see a lot of company’s that let the marketing company that they hire get walked on by letting that marketing company control one or even more of the NAPU, that is 100% not in your best interests. How can you trust a company that pull’s that on you.  Think about what they own/control. Not cool at all! You might also want to stay clear of contracts that lock you in for a year or more.

How to work faster:

If you want to save time when doing the work I suggest looking at getting a Copy Paste program like what what these guys offer windowsclipboard.com.

If your computer does not have Microsoft Office or an unzip program then you should not download any program with out making sure it is safe. For unzipping programs we use rarlab they are a safe place to download from, here is that link https://rarlab.com/download.htm you would use this program to unzip my excel sheetclick here for the excel sheet. The excel file I offer lets you fill in the boxes so u have all the info you need loaded and ready to use, to move from one program to the other it is best to use the keys ALT and TAB. If you do not have Microsoft Office I have a plain text file you can use to keep your info all in one place. Download the text file here-click here.

Some clipmate programs offer hot key’s and using a program like that can even save more seconds between each key stroke. Copy paste programs like softwareok.com. offer hot key’s. I just want you to use what you find to be the best and the most time efficient for you or your employee.

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